The first-cycle of studies – Bachelor’s Degree

The first-cycle programme of studies in the field of biotechnology at Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Qualifications Framework. After completing three-year first-cycle programme of studies, graduates of the field of biotechnology obtain a bachelor’s degree. They have advanced knowledge in the field of mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, statistics, biophysics, plant and animal physiology, general genetics and general microbiology. The graduate’s knowledge, both theoretically and practically, is consolidated by major courses, including: environmental microbiology, molecular biology, bioprocess engineering, industrial biotechnology, or environmental engineering and technology. The first-cycle graduates in the field of biotechnology gain interdisciplinary education and the ability to combine knowledge from various disciplines. This enables them to cooperate with specialists from other fields and disciplines and to move efficiently at the interface between technology and experimental biology in biotechnology. The first-cycle programme of studies graduates are holders of a language proficiency certificate at the B2 level and are able to use a specialist language.
The first-cycle programme of studies graduates are prepared to:

  • apply biotechnological methods in the industry using biotechnology and in related industries,
  • take up work in analytical, control, diagnostic and research laboratories, including those performing work with the use of biological material,
  • work in laboratories dealing with practical aspects of environmental protection and biotechnological processes in environmental engineering,
  • operate research equipment,
  • independently develop their own professional skills.

The obtained professional title gives them the opportunity to apply for admission to the second-cycle programme of studies in the field of Biotechnology or related fields, and to improve qualifications at postgraduate programmes of studies.